I will never forget the first time I gazed on the interior of Dumadan. I had made five annual applications to the Dumadan Conservatory of Music before I was finally accepted, so I had spent many weeks living in the inns found in the Plaza. But it was not until I received my Letter of Acceptance that I was allowed through the Great Gate of the Bastion, and saw the splendor that is this great dwarven city.
Some folks think because the dwur can see in the dark, that they do not light their cities. Such is not the case, as darkvision only allows sight within 60 feet or so, and the breadth of Dumadan is in excess of a mile. So the exteriors are all lit with thousands of points of light. From where I stood on the Grand Promenade, the Maker’s Bridge stretched unsupported over a quarter mile to the opposite wall of the immense cavern, where the Conservatory was cut out of the raw rock of the walls, illuminated by myriad small lights like some sort of firefly swarm.
The cavern itself stretched out of sight to the north and south, and from my vantage point I could just see the Hanging Palace, home of The Seer, carved as a great edifice from a single giant stalactite. The cavern fell in multiple tiers of buildings 500 feet to the cavern floor, which was itself smothered in darkness. I remember thinking how rare it was for a non-dwur such as myself to be allowed to see these majestic masterpieces of dwarven ingenuity and craftsmanship. Little did I know the wonders I had yet to behold.

From the memoirs of Aristros of Kalimathea, Bard of the 5th Circle, Court of Verbobanc

Masks of Greyhawk

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