Dren Stoneskin (the stone wisperer)

Dwarf, male, Synthasist summoner lvl 4


str-14 (19)

hp-35 (temp hp-24)
ac-15 (18 w/mage armor 22)shield spell +4
weapons- m.w.obsidian battle axe(omen), stone warhammer(bex), obsidian heavy pick(Zex)
light crossbow, ( 2 serated stone axes,claws)
feats/special abilities- scribe scroll, (climb 20’),darkvision 90’, summon elemental 5/day
stone singer +1cl w/earth spells, shrouded casting doesn’t need material components
for conjuration spells,craft wonderous objects, perception +8 w/eidolon on

eidolon evolutions(points-7)
Enhance str+2(2), enhanced natural armor+2(1), climb(1), enhanced perception(1)resist fire 5(1), resist cold 5(1)
favored class bonus 1.0 natural armor
str/dex bomus
1 ,natural armor bonus +4, 2 natural att 1d4, evasion, hd/bab 3

spells known
0-acid spash,detect magic,read magic, mending, messege, guidance
1st-mage armor, shield, rejuvinate eidilon, summon monster 1, enlarge person
2nd-summon monster 2, summon eidolon, lesser evolution surge

magic items
boots of the earth , cloak of resistance +1,handy haversack,robe of infinate twine,any tool,
sleeve of many garments

scrolls-mage armor(2), rejuvinate eidolon (3), shield(1),endure elements(2)

potions-cure light wounds(2)

wands-rejuvinate eidolon(50 charges)


physical descriptor-
dwarf age75 height 4’2" weight 165 lbs. hair black eyes brown
always seems to be covered in some dirt while still looking well kept tends to be stubborn but dedicated in his persuits and unchanging in his thoughts like the stone he admires.

Dren has always like the life under the ground. The dirt and stones of nature are beutiful to him and he has dedicated himself to it. To get deeper in touch with the stone he found a mentor in the foreighn quarters an Oread who showed him how to be more in touch with the earth. Taking this as far as he could he became a synthasist summonner cladding himself in the stone he loves. He also learned how to summon a variety of earth based elementals, thoe he is still working on being able to summon other earth based creatures his personnal knowledge has just been lacking in this department.
Dren has also worked as a stone craftsman and alchemist in order to refine his skills, his feeling are if it can be made of stone it should be made of stone, and he has become rather good at it.
His veiws and stubornes has brought him the DIRT teams and he intends to use this to further his training and skills to show all the power of STONE.

First mission-investigate problem at museum(be wary of magic mirrors)

2nd mission-deliver medicine to dust ward(rats seemto be spreading disease, rat man?)

3nd mission-guild schollor to collect his book(infestation of rats detectedalong with svarts)
note about mysterious box found cartel involved

ambition-went to bar to talk to cartel about mysterious box while there cartel attacked by rats and box stoled.pipes could be heard playing
ambition-whent to dusk ward looking for rat and rumored rat man lead to grime chapel and a lot of rats and svarts and zombies. took to long ringleader go away

4th mission- put end to new drug being distributed ,lead to sewer drug lab ,killed drug destroyed lab, found out of place body

ambition-find out who the body is tattoo is for bellfoundry,found out who he was what he did and why he was killed, tuning forks stoled and replaced with fakes.tracking down
suspect .found murdered and haunting his building

5th mission called to judges chambers given clues to ringleader. back to the museum
Hwarthgar was in charge of mirror from first mission.mirror stoled and replaced, also magic pipes of sewer stolen and replaced. need to track this guy down. found him in abandoned mine deep underground trying to use mirror,tuning forks,and box for bad hwarathgar was influenced through mirror and got away all items recoved.

6th mission- live stock worker killed . the dire bear was killed wall needs to be fixed

7th mission- requested by scholor we escoted earlier for help. no further info is available

8th mission- Rescue the sausages. Day 1-encounted winter wolf and wolfs lost 1 mule, at rest spot killed 2 dire wolverines attacking trappers, rested night. day 2-

Dren Stoneskin (the stone wisperer)

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