Masks of Greyhawk

Plight at the Museum

The Black Mirror

The newly formed DIRT Team 12 is found lounging around their barracks at the Bastion. The new team consists of Dren Stoneskin, Torkin Coppertooth, Scratch, Duth, Waltli Beerson, and Caster.
Sergeant Ironhorn, DIRT Team 12’s supervisor, arrive with a pair of assignments passed down from the Bureau. One is a request for a DIRT Team from a curator at the Museum. The other is a request for a DIRT Team from a high priestess of the Temple of Barronar Truesilver. The team decides to investigate the Museum first.
The team makes its way from the Bastion, across The Grand Promenade and over The Great Bridge to the Outer Wards, and from there travel to the museum. Contacting the curator, they are directed to Examination Room B6, where a recently delivered Suel artifact was being uncrated and examined in order to determine its authenticity and suitability for display.
The area around the examination room is being studiously avoided by other museum employees. A sub-curator informs them that they were examining a large black mirror when strange things began to happen. The DIRT team opens the door to witness a scene of bloody devastation.
The mirror is very large, 6 x10, with an ornate frame into which are set a series of runic lozenges. From the mirror come small demons which the team identifies as lemures. A half-dozen museum workers lie around the room in various states of slaughter. Lemures are bumbling around the examination room, breaking things and looking to eat something. The DIRT Team engages.
The fight goes fairly well for the team, until the Black Mirror pulses, and disgorges a bizzare flying demon that looks like a cross between a cupid and a fly. The creature appears already wounded, and it avoids battling the DIRT Team, instead summoning a spider swarm to keep them occupied while it hides. The team eventually takes out the swarm, and manages to corner the small flying demon and dispatch it back to its home plane.
Meanwhile, Scratch has been climbing up the mirror and carefully removing the runic lozenges from the frame. When he removes the last rune, the Mirror ceases to act as a portal, and the team quickly wipes out the last of the lemures.
Duth gives the sub-curator a lecture on proper safety controls for examining a questionable artifact. The sub-curator responds that they have such protocols in place, but that someone obviously bypassed those procedures. He assures the team that museum will relocate the Mirror to the secure Storage Area 51, and make sure nothing like this happens again.
The team moves on to its other assignment.



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